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Crosby Export Services

Product Purchasing

We can source a full range of food & non-food products from frozen & dry food items to non-food items like electronics & machinery.


We do all the paperwork for your shipments and air freights, everything from waybills and customs to health certificates and invoicing. We're fully licensed & have holding permits for foodstuffs, dairy, meat, wine & more.

Shipping & Delivery

We will arrange ALL requirements for shipping your goods, including transport delivery to destination either by LCL, FCL shipments or air freight. We can also make freight payments on your behalf.



Brands We Work With

639+ Product Categories

We Export What Your Customer Wants!

Setting Export Benchmark In


Every product is checked for multiple parameters, shelf life, expiry, MFG, and product quality to ensure we deliver only top-notch.


Offering the best prices with zero compromise on quality every time.

Customer Service

We don’t rest until we solve your problems & deliver what is promised.


From delivering Top Quality PRODUCTS to advising on MARKET TRENDS

Timely delivery

With our efficient system & team, from purchasing to logistics, we cut short the time-consuming process to ensure the fastest delivery.

Damage-Proof Packaging

Our expert team takes care of every packaging step, from extra leftover space to organising the lot better, along with the proper safety measures and compensation.

Hassle-Free Documentation

Once you have placed the order, we will take care of all the paperwork or documentation to ensure nothing stops your shipment.

Huge Network Of Suppliers & Vendors

This allows us to have multiple options to ensure your product availability at the best prices, plus we have a great chance of finding even the unique products your customer wants.

Unlimited Order Size Delivery

There is no order size that we will say NO to, if we can arrange a supplier who can fulfil the order, we’ll deliver your products at your doorstep.

Template Ordering System

Our clients’ beloved Template Ordering System makes the entire ordering process super organised and fast, as you can see each product pricing and place the order right there. You can also see your past order history in the same template.

Sea Freight

Shipping your goods with LCL or FCL shipments.

Sea Freight

Shipping your goods with LCL or FCL shipments.

Air Freight

Need urgent delivery? We’ll air freight your products!

Air Freight

Need urgent delivery? We’ll air freight your products!


Saving Your Time & Money
While Powering Up Your Business Growth